Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KIds Love Comics Day - Revisited

Since many of you may hjave stumbled upon KLC trhrough the blogosphere, I am taking it upon myself to link up to some early grass roots efforts to get kids reading (and creating) comics and graphic novels.

Organized by Jim Gownley and the Whitaker Center of Harrisbutg, PA, and with some support by Diamond Books, the KLC crew joined together one Saturday in March to share insights into the fun and creation of comics, as described by Rich Watson at the Blog@Newsarama - ...

Here's an excerpt ____________________________________________
KLC Day was held at the Whitaker Center, a science and arts cultural center on Market Street. The event took up parts of two floors, mostly inside the Kunkel Gallery on the second floor, a small but spacious area which contained a smaller room towards the rear for workshops. In attendance, besides Gownley and Buchholz, were Buzzboy’s John Gallagher, Jane Smith-Fisher of WJHC, and Nickelodeon Magazine cartoonist Todd Webb...

And here's a report by KLC friend Chris Mautner at Panels and Pixels (where I swiped afew of these pics-- thx Chris!)..

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