Thursday, March 26, 2009


I got Brian Leung's website wrong last time, It's

To basically paraphrase their entire 'about' section:

About Us

What is Kidjutsu?
Kidjutsu [kid-joot-soo] is a kids comics website where kids can read, discover, and share comics. We built Kidjutsu to provide a fun activity for kids that encourages them to read for enjoyment and exercise their budding imaginations. We started off collecting the best all-ages kid-friendly comics into one place, but it's grown to be a website for kids, tweens, teens, and even the big kid in all of us.

What can I do on Kidjutsu?
At Kidjutsu, you can browse a large selection of kids comics brought to you by the best comics, webcomics, and manga creators. Every comic on our site has been screened and marked with an appropriate age rating. You can experience each comic using our high-resolution, fast-loading, super-responsive digital comic reader. You can read comics in fullscreen, zoom in on your favorite panels, and also bookmark your favorite comics. Most importantly, you can read all these comics online for free.

What is our vision?
We have two goals for Kidjutsu:
1) Introduce kids to comics, and
2) Build a sustainable revenue model for creators with a life-long passion for telling great stories.

alt="Read kids comics at Kidjutsu">

Here are some handy little embedded readers you can easily create if you want to share the comics on your site:

These ones I both KNEW were by KLC creators, There are tons more, but I haven't had a chance to read any yet to see how strongly I recommend them. Will do when I have a moment, and post again!


Anonymous said...

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Ray Friesen said...

Thanks Feng! Wish I spoke your language!