Monday, January 14, 2008

ALA report: TOON BOOK Launches

One of the most exciting KLC functions this week was the launch of Art Spegleman's TOON Books. With an introduction by Michele Gorman, TOON Books was launched, as Spiegleman, Francoise Mouly, and collection of cool graphic novelists met and greeted other creators, publishers, and some very eager GN Library experts, including Ally lyga and Robin Brenner The age rage is around 4-8, and Spegleman's clout should draw some much needed attention to Kids' Graphic Novels...

I had a chance to check these books out, and was especially excited to see work by the greatFrank Cammuso  (Max Hamm: Fairy Tale Detective), with Jay Lynch on Otto's Orange Day.

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Ray Friesen said...

I hope Frank gets some more of his pencil and watercolor noirish style in there, that's my favorite.