Friday, January 11, 2008

ALA Starts with a Bang!

We saw a great start to the ALA Mid-Winter Conference, as attendees were enticed into the hall by mini-cheesesteaks, Philly style pretzels and cool books today. While it was a tight fit for all four of us in the 8x8 booth, we never had time to notice, as librarians came by in droves to take sample comics, reccomended reading lists and get a signature or two...

Michele Gorman came by to talk about her new book, "Getting Graphic: Comics for Kids." It seems it is really doing well in spreading the word on GN's for kids, and the best part-- it has a cover by KLC's own Jimmy Gownley!

The book is a comprehensive look at GN's and comics for kids, every libaraian and educator should have of a copy of this handy guide to elementary entertainment!

I told Michele about my new job as editor of the NASCAR-related all-ages "NASCAR Heroes," and we discussed a possible KLC workshop in Charlotte at her Uber-Library the week of Speed Week (a NASCAR related festival in NC)-- I can't wait!

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