Thursday, May 15, 2008

FCBD 2008 Pictures

As promised, we have pictures from this year's Free Comic Book Day! Kids Love Comics was well-represented. Jimmy Gownley, John Gallagher, and Steve Conley appeared at Marc Nathan's Cards, Comics, and Collectibles in Reisterstown, MD, while an hour north of there, Rich Faber was joined by John, and KLC friends, Jamar Nicholas, Mike Manley, and Scott Neely in the afternoon at Captain Blue Hen Comics, in Newark, DE. (and yes, John is so dedicated to Kids Love Comics, and Free Comic Book Day, that he managed to be in two states, and appear at two different stores on the same day!) As you'll see from the below pictures, kids (and families), comics, and fun were the order of the day!

Steve Conley (left) and Jimmy Gownley with their outstanding sketches.

Conley, Gownley, and Cards, Comics, & Collectibles owner Marc Nathan.

The crowds line up outside Captain Blue Hen Comics for FCBD '08!

Just look at them all!

Jamar Nicholas and his new pal.

(Blue Hen owner) Joe Murray and His Amazing Friends!

More super friends.

A prized Hulk from Mike Manley.

John Gallagher sketches for the kids.

With the movie opening that weekend, it was no surprise that Iron Man was the most requested sketch subject for Rich Faber.

Rich and John do a little white board demo on creating superheroes.

Learning how to create superheroes.

Scott Neely sketches Scooby Doo for a new friend

All in all, the theme of the day was that "Kids Love Comics!" And we're all thrilled about that!

Stay tuned for more news, events, and info soon!

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