Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Karen Gownley, KLC Executive Director speaks!

Hello! It's been quite an exciting few weeks as convention season gets underway. I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the Kids Love Comics booth at NYCC. It was great to meet so many parents & teachers who were interested in finding graphic novels for the kids in their lives. I also got the opportunity to meet some amazing little artists! I'm hoping to see their work on our Recommended Reading List some day.

I'm pleased to announce that there are 3 "Amelia Rules!" books now available for FREE from the great website Wowio. Once you register on the site, you can download "Amelia Rules!" issues 1, 2, & 18. Again, it's absolutely free, so go for it!

The link is:

Issue #18 is the book nominated for "Best Single Issue" at this year's Eisner Awards. So if you haven't gotten a chance to read it, you'll certainly want to do that. (and if you're an industry professional, don't forget to vote for the Eisner Awards: link: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci_eisners_main.shtml )

The next KLC event I'll be attending is Heroes Con. I really look forward to seeing everyone there!

Executive Director, KLC

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