Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Comic Book Day Roundup EDIT

Okay! Here are where all of the Kids Love Comics Cool Cats are going to be for Free Comic Book Day! I haven't accumulated my data all that well, so please email me if it's innaccurate. I'm probably going to edit this post in a day or two.

Jimmy Gownley will be at Cosmic Comics in Harrisburg PA.

John Gallagher is going to be at a wedding, and therefore USELESS for the purposes of this blog.

Ray Friesen (Me) is going to be at Brave New World comics in Santa Clarita, CA (with a possible last minute pop in at Collectors Paradise in Winnetka CA. Edward there is having a major shindig he wanted me to be a part of if only I wasn't somewhere else first.)

Josh Elder is gonna be at Comix Revolution, 115 W Central Rd. Mt. Prospect, IL from 11 to 4.

Scott Christian Sava isn't going to be anywhere. Sorry Scott fans, this is not your lucky free comic book day.)

Rich Faber is going to be at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE

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