Friday, April 10, 2009

Jimmy @ the Eisners

Congratulations to KLC's Jimmy Gownley for what must be his one-million-and-sixth Eisner Award Nomination!

Although, when you think about it, last year you were nominated for FOUR Eisners, so you've actually slipped a notch this year.

We're all VERY disappointed in you.

But in a congratulatory way!

Hee hee hee.

(I'm still invited to the pizza party at Chuck E. Cheeze right?)

I've got my fingers crossed for you, and I do mean ALL of them. (I haven't crossed my toes though, that's actually bad luck. Everyone knows that, right?)

Congratulations to all the nominees actually, but Jimmy and the 4 other people I know in person f'reals ESPECIALLY! I hope all the people I'm rooting for win.

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