Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Comic Book Day Roundup EDIT

Okay! Here are where all of the Kids Love Comics Cool Cats are going to be for Free Comic Book Day! I haven't accumulated my data all that well, so please email me if it's innaccurate. I'm probably going to edit this post in a day or two.

Jimmy Gownley will be at Cosmic Comics in Harrisburg PA.

John Gallagher is going to be at a wedding, and therefore USELESS for the purposes of this blog.

Ray Friesen (Me) is going to be at Brave New World comics in Santa Clarita, CA (with a possible last minute pop in at Collectors Paradise in Winnetka CA. Edward there is having a major shindig he wanted me to be a part of if only I wasn't somewhere else first.)

Josh Elder is gonna be at Comix Revolution, 115 W Central Rd. Mt. Prospect, IL from 11 to 4.

Scott Christian Sava isn't going to be anywhere. Sorry Scott fans, this is not your lucky free comic book day.)

Rich Faber is going to be at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jimmy @ the Eisners

Congratulations to KLC's Jimmy Gownley for what must be his one-million-and-sixth Eisner Award Nomination!

Although, when you think about it, last year you were nominated for FOUR Eisners, so you've actually slipped a notch this year.

We're all VERY disappointed in you.

But in a congratulatory way!

Hee hee hee.

(I'm still invited to the pizza party at Chuck E. Cheeze right?)

I've got my fingers crossed for you, and I do mean ALL of them. (I haven't crossed my toes though, that's actually bad luck. Everyone knows that, right?)

Congratulations to all the nominees actually, but Jimmy and the 4 other people I know in person f'reals ESPECIALLY! I hope all the people I'm rooting for win.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Linky Dinks

Chris Wilson @ The Graphic Classroom just wrote a very thoughtful and in depth review of my book 'Another Dirt Sandwich' advocating it's vocabulary teaching potential, something I had offhandedly thought of but never seriously considered until he talked about it:

Please give it a read if you're in the mood for that sort of thing! I'll definately be quoting it on future back covers.

"To leave the book behind without giving it its due would be a serious mistake on the part of the teacher, librarian or parent. ANOTHER DIRT SANDWICH has so much to offer a child and it should be seriously considered."

Also! Webcomics reviews: I said I'd be doing them, recommending some good all ages webcomics. Here's the trouble: There don't seem to be that many, at least as far as I am aware. I read a number of webcomics every morning, and while there are plenty I enjoy, I wouldn't classify too many of them as being 'kid friendly' -- Please leave links in the comments and prove me wrong, I'd love to discover some new interesting webcomics. I feel the internet is still primarily the domain of collegey age people mostly, they have the free time and technical skills. While elementary age kids do use the internet, they still like to go outside and play too (a definate good thing I think).

I talked about this before a couple of posts ago, and got emailed by a Mr Caanan Grall who draws the webcomic 'Celadore' on Zuda -- saying his was an all ages webcomic, and would I recommend it to our readers? I said I'd give it a flip through, and if I liked it, I would. I haven't read it all yet, merely skimmied it (hooray for no real free time) and while it is well illustrated, he obviously knows what he's doing, and involves what appears to be children-vampire hunters, I can't honestly say it looks that 'All Agesy' -- if it were a movie, I'd say it would be rated PG 13 for action violence and some language (I saw several swears as I skimmed -- can't say they bug ME, but I'm all adultish, can't honestly recommend that sort of thing to children -- If your comfortable letting your kids watch The Simpsons, I'm sure you'd find it fine. Each person has their own taste on this sort of thing, to each their own.

So there you go Caanan! Wasn't the heartiest of recommendations, but I've done my part to help get you noticed.

I'll dig through my bookmarks, if I hunt around a bit, I'm sure there are some real KIDS style webcomics I just haven't remembered yet.

Stay tuned!